What do you think about homework?

Homework, a Good Idea or Not?

Nowadays it is hotly debated if children should have homework or not. There are even some schools in Spain in which they do not have to do it. However, does it have to be compulsory or shall (should) we let children play when classes are over?

To begin with, children are very tired due to the classes when they get home, so they are not in the mood to do more thing (things) related to school. Another point is that teachers usually forget that they (children/students/pupils) have also more subjects and they put too much homework.

On the other hand, homework makes children get responsible about (for) what they have to do. Besides, plenty of pupils do not pay much atention (attention) during the class, so doing the homework is a good way to learn.

From my point of view children should have homework but not as much as they cannot play a bit with their friends.

L.G.G. (2º BACH C)