Is life on Earth at risk of extinction?

In the long run or not so far away?

Every human being would agree that life on Earth will come to an end
sooner or later.

As far as I am concerned, Scientists have predicted that the Sun will
eventually explode and absorb the rest of the planets in the Milky Way.
However, this prediction is said to happen in a billion years.
Moreover, we are not taking good care of our planet. Pollution is
constantly increasing and the Greenhouse effect seems to indicate that our
future will not be very bright. Temperatures are rising, the poles are melting,
more and more species are endangered…People on Earth are making the
situation very critical.

To sum up I would like to say that life on Earth will end sooner than we
expect because of us destroying our planet.

Ángela Ramos Fernández (2º Bach B)

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